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Nokia Certification (Nokia) Exam Products

  Meridian SL-100 Maintenance 920-110
  Communication Server 2100 SE08/SE09 Support Specialist 920-115
  NNCSS-BayStack/BPS Switching Exam 920-123
  MPS 500 Rls.3.0 Operations and Maintenance 920-128
  Symposium Express Call Center Inst and Maint 920-131
  Media Processing Server Rls.3.0 Application Developer 920-132
  Call pilot 4.0 System Administrator 920-158
  CallPilot 4.0 Installation and Maintenance (IandM) 920-162
  CallPilot Rls.5.0 Engineeing 920-181
  CallPilot RIs.5.0 Installation and Configuration 920-182
  CallPilot Rls. 5.0 System Administrator 920-183
  BCM50 Rls.2.0 Installation and Initial Configuration 920-195
  BCM 50/200/400 Sales Engineering 920-196
  BCM50 Rls.2.0 & BCM200/400 Rls.4.0 Configuration & Maintenance 920-197
  Multiservice Switch 7000/15000/20000 – Operations and Maintenence 920-216
  Nortel Converged Campus ERS Solution 920-220
  Nortel Wireless Mesh Network Rls 2.3 Implementation and Mgmt. 920-240
  Alteon 920-241
  Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls. 5.0 Implementation and Management 920-246
  Nortel Wireless LAN 2300 Rls.5.0 Solutions 920-247
  Nortel Application Switch Rls.23.xConfig and Admin 920-249
  ncss-optivity nms rls.10.3 920-254
  Nortel Secure Router Rls.2.0 Configuration and Management 920-255
  Nortel Secure Router Rls.3.0 Configuration Management 920-257
  Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls.6.0 Planning and Engineering 920-258
  Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls.6.0 Implementation and Management 920-259
  Nortel Secure Router Rls. 10.1 Configuration & Management 920-260
  Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls. 7.0 Planning & Engineering 920-270
  Communication Server (CS) Rls. 4.0 Database Administrator 920-324
  MCS 5100 Rls.4.0 Commissioning and Administration 920-327
  MCS 5100 Rls.4.0 Planning and Engineering 920-328
  Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 IP Networking Design 920-330
  Communication Server 1000 Rls. 5.0 Database Administrator 920-331
  Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Install and Commissioning 920-332
  Communication Server 1000 Rls. 5.0 Upgrades for Technicians. 920-333
  BCM50 Rls.3.0 and BCM200/400 Rls.4.0 Sales Engineering 920-334
  BCM50 3.0 Installation and Initial Configuration 920-335
  BCM50 Rls.3.0 and BCM200/400 Rls.4.0 Installation, Configuration 920-336
  BCM50 Rls. 3.0, BCM200/400 Rls. 4.0 & BCM450 Rls. 1.0 Sales Engineering 920-337
  BCM50 Rls. 3.0, BCM200/400 Rls. 4.0 & BCM450 Rls. 1.0 Installation, Configuration & Maintenance 920-338
  Nortel Software Communication System 500 Rls.2.0 Config 920-340
  BCS 3000 Rls.1.0 Storage Networking Engineering 920-352
  Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Applications 920-430
  Comm Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Installation and Troubleshooting 920-431
  Communication Server 1000 Rls5.0-BCM Rls.4.0 Multi-site 920-432
  Comm Svr 1000 Upgrades to Rls.5.0 for Techs. Linux and Apps 920-433
  ES NetSight Atlas 920-450
  NCDE callpilot 2.x/3.0 unified messaging 920-451
  Ethernet Switching 920-462
  Ethernet Switching Design Expert 920-463
  Nortel Converged Campus ERS Rls. 4.x/5.x Advanced Configuration & Maintenance 920-464
  Nortel Unified Communications - Converged Office for CS 1000 Rls. 5.x Planning & Engineering 920-470
  Nortel Converged Office CS 1000 Rls.5.x Configuration & Networking 920-471
  CallPilot Rls.5.0 Unified Messaging 920-481
  CallPilot Rls.5.0 Networking. Upgrades, and Troubleshooting 920-482
  Optical Multiservice Edge 6500 Operations and Maintenance 920-503
  Carrier Ethernet Operations 920-504
  Optical Metro 3500 Operations and Maintenance 920-505
  Carrier VoIP UA-IP Commissioning and Nodal Integration 920-530
  Carrier VoIP - Communication Server 2000 - Compact 920-533
  Carrier VoIP Solution Engineering and Performance 920-534
  Carrier VoIP Media Gateway 15000 Operations, Maintenance and Configuration 920-537
  Carrier VoIP Integrated Element Mgmt System (IEMS) Ops 920-544
  Carrier VoIP Border Control Point Configuration and Datafill 920-548
  GSM BTS 18000 Installation and Commissioning 920-551
  GSM BSS Operations and Maintenance 920-552
  CDMA P-MCS Commissioning and Nortel Integration 920-556
  Nortel Data Networking Technology 920-805
  Nortel Advanced Data Networking Technology 920-806
  Nortel Unified Communications Solutions: Business & Technology Fundamentals 920-807
  MCS 5100 Rls.4.0 Installation and Commissioning 922-020
  BCM50 Rls. 3.0, BCM200/400 Rls. 4.0 & BCM450 Rls. 1.0 Installation, Configuration & Maintenance 922-072
  CallPilot Rls.5.0 Upgrades and System Troubleshooting 922-080
  Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Upgrades for Engineers 922-089
  Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 and IP Networking Design 922-090
  Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 System Admin and Management 922-093
  Communication Server 1000E Rls.5.0 Install and Commissioning 922-095
  Comm.Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Branch Office Install and Comm. 922-096
  Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Troubleshooting 922-098
  Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 Linux Platform Base and App 922-099
  Communication Server 1000 Rls.4.0 to Rls.5.0 Delta 922-100
  Nortel Converged Office for CS 1000 Rls. 5.x Configuration 922-102
  Communication Server 1000 Rls. 6.0 Upgrades for Engineers 922-104
  Communications Server 1000 Rls.6.0 BARS/NARS 922-109
  Communication Server 1000 to Rls. 6.0 Upgrades for Technicians 922-111
  3G Radio Network Planning NQ0-231
  Nortel Secure Network Access Switch Rls.2.0 Config and Mgmt 920-262
  Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls.7.0 implementation and Management 920-271

Other Nortel Certification Tracks

  Nortel Certification (Nortel)
  Nortel Certified Design Expert (NCDE)
  Nortel Certified Design Specialist (NCDS)
  Nortel Certified Support Expert (NCSE)
  Nortel Certified Support Specialist (NCSS)
  Nortel Certified Technology Specialist (NCTS)

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