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DB2 Certified Certification (DB2) Exam Products

  iSeries System Administration V5R2 000-355
  C2040-442 - DB2 Content Manager V8 000-442
  DB2 UDB V7.1 for UNIX, Linux, Windows and OS/2 Database Administration 000-513
  DB/2 Administration for OS/390 000-516
  DB2 UDB V8.1 Family Fundamentals 000-700
  C2020-701 - IBM DB2 UDB V8.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Database Administration 000-701
  UDB V8.1 for z/OS Database Administration 000-702
  UDB V8.1 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Advanced Database Administration 000-704
  C2020-706 - UDB V8.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Database Administration Upgrade 000-706
  C2090-730 - DB2 9 Family Fundamentals 000-730
  DB2 9 DBA for Linux, UNIX and Windows 000-731
  C2090-732 - DB2 9 DBA for z/OS 000-732
  C2090-733 - DB2 9 Application Developer 000-733
  DB2 9 Advanced DB Administrator for Linux, UNIX, and Windows 000-734
  DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer 000-735
  DB2 9 Database Administrator for Linux UNIX and Windows Upgrade 000-736
  C2090-914 - System Administration for Red Brick Decision Server Version 6 000-914
  IBM Information Management DB2 9 Warehouse Technical Sales Mastery Test v1 000-M19
  IBM Information Management DB2 Technical Sales Mastery v1 000-M20
  C2090-612 - DB2 10 DBA for z/OS 000-612

Other IBM Certification Tracks

  Academic Associate (Academic Associate)
  Administrator for SOA Solutions (ASOA)
  Advanced Application Developer (AAD)
  Advanced Database Administrator (ADA)
  Advanced Deployment Professional (ADP)
  Associate BPM Administrator (ABPMA)
  Associate BPM Analyst (ABPMA)
  Associate BPM Developer (ABPMD)
  Associate BPM Program Manager (ABPMPM)
  Associate BPM Program Manager (ABPMPM)
  BPM Developer (BPMD)
  Certified Administrator (IBMCA)
  Certified Advanced System Administrator (CASA)
  Certified Advanced Technical Expert (CATE)
  Certified Associate (IBMCA)
  Certified Associate Developer (IBMCAD)
  Certified Designer (IBMCD)
  Certified Developer (IBMCD)
  Certified Enterprise Developer (IBMCED)
  Certified Operator (IBMCO)
  Certified Sales Expert (CSE)
  Certified Sales Specialist (CSS)
  Certified Solution Designer (CSD)
  Certified Solution Implementer (CSI)
  Certified Specialist (IBMCS)
  Certified Systems Expert (CSE)
  DB2 Certified (DB2)
  Deployment Professional (IBMDP)
  eServer Certified Specialist (eServer)
  IBM Certifications (IBM)
  IBM Certified Database Associate (IBMCDA)
  IBM Certified Solution Advisor (CSA)
  IBM Cognos (Cognos)
  IBM Lotus (Lotus)
  IBM Mastery (Mastery)
  Integration Developer (IBMID)
  On Demand Business (IBMODB)
  Power Systems (IBMPS)
  Sales Mastery (IBMSM)
  Solution Developer (IBMSD)
  Solution Expert (IBMSE)
  Solution Specialist (IBMSS)
  Solution Version (IBMSV)
  System Administrator (IBMSA)
  System x (SystemX)
  Techinical Sales (IBMTS)

DB2 Certification Tests

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