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Cisco Specialist Certification (Cisco Specialist) Exam Products

  Cisco ADVDESIGN 352-001
  Advanced Routing and Switching for Field Engineers 642-067
  Cisco Unity Design and Networking (CUDN) 642-072
  Unified Communications Contact Center Express Implementation (UCCX) 642-165
  Cisco Unified Presence Design and Implementation 642-181
  Implementing Cisco TelePresence Solutions (ITS) 642-185
  Implementing Cisco TelePresence Installations(ITI) 642-188
  Implementing Cisco Unity Connection 642-262
  Meeting Place Design Specialist (DMPS) 642-272
  Implementing MeetingPlace Solutions (IMPS) 642-274
  Cisco Storage Networking Solutions Design Specialist 642-355
  Cisco Storage Networking Solutions Specialist (CSSSS) 642-356
  Designing Cisco Storage Network Solutions 642-357
  Implementing Cisco Storage Network Solutions 642-359
  Cisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers 642-373
  Cisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers (CXFS) 642-374
  Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers V 1.2 642-383
  Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers (CXFF) 642-384
  Unified Communications Architecture and Design 642-415
  Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE) 642-436
  Cisco IP Telephony Exam 642-444
  Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Part 1 (CIPT1 v6.0) 642-446
  Cisco Rich Media Communications 642-481
  Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches 642-503
  Securing Networks with PIX and ASA (SNPA) 642-523
  Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systems 642-532
  Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) 642-533
  Implementing Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response 642-544
  Securing Cisco Networking Devices (SND) 642-552
  Security Solutions for Systems Engineers 642-566
  Advanced Security for Field Engineers 642-567
  Advanced Wireless LAN for System Engineers 642-586
  Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN for Field Engineers 642-587
  Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance 642-591
  Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions (FIREWALL v1.0) 642-617
  Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) v7.0 642-627
  Quality of Service 642-642
  Wide Area Application Services for System Engineers 642-651
  Wide Area Application Services for Field Engineers 642-652
  WAASSE - Wide Area Application Services for System Engineers 642-654
  WAASFE-Wide Area Application Services for Field Engineers 642-655
  Cisco Data Center Networking Infrastructure Solutions design 642-961
  Cisco Data Center Networking Infrastructure Solutions Support 642-964
  Cisco Data Center Networking Infrastructure Design 642-971
  Designing Cisco Data Center Application Services 642-972
  Implementing Cisco Data Center Network Infrastructure 1 642-973
  Data Center Network Infrastructure Support – 2 642-974
  Implementing Cisco Data Center Application Services 642-975
  Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist 642-982
  Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist 642-983
  Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures Exam 646-003
  Advanced Routing and Switching for Account Managers 646-046
  Lifecycle Services Advanced Routing and Switching (LSARS) 646-058
  Small Medium Business Account Manager (SMBAM) 646-171
  Cisco Advanced IP Communications Sales Specialist 646-229
  Advanced Unified Communications AM 646-230
  Express Foundation for Account Managers 646-276
  Cisco Express Foundation for Account Managers 646-363
  Express Foundation for Account Managers 646-364
  Cisco Lifecycle Services Express 646-393
  Advanced Security for Account Managers (ASAM) 646-562
  Advanced Security for Account Managers 646-563
  Advanced Security for Account Managers 646-578
  Advanced Wireless LAN for Account Managers 646-588
  Wide Area Application Services for Account Managers(WAASAM) 646-653
  Wide Area Application Services for Account Managers 646-656
  Cisco Data Center Networking Sales Specialist(CDCNSS) 646-967
  Cisco Data Center Network Solutions Sales 646-976
  Digital Media System for Account Manager 650-026
  LCSARS Cisco Lifecycle Services Advanced Routing and Switching 650-059
  SBCSAM Smart Business Communication Systems for Account Managers 650-173
  SMBAM - SMB Specialization for Account Managers 650-175
  SBCSEN Smart Business Communication Systems for Engineers 650-178
  SMBEN - SMB Solutions for Engineers 650-180
  SMB Solutions for Engineers (SMBEN) Exam 650-195
  LCSAUC Cisco Lifecycle Services Advanced IP Communications 650-251
  SP Video Phase I 650-322
  PSACAFE Advanced Collaboration Architecture Field Engineer Exam 650-368
  Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Engineer 650-369
  Advanced Borderless Network Account Manager Exam 650-377
  ABNFEE Advanced Borderless Network Field Engineer Exam 650-378
  Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Systems Engineer Exam 650-379
  LCSE Cisco Lifecycle Services Express 650-393
  Web Security Field Engineer Specialist 650-568
  LCSAS Cisco Lifecycle Services Advanced Security 650-575
  TelePresence Video Sales Specialist 650-292
  Cisco Leading Virtual Classroom Instruction 642-132
  Implementing CUCM for TelePresence Video Solutions Exam 642-278
  Installing TelePresence Video Immersive Systems Exam 642-279
  Unified Communications Architecture and Design Exam 642-416
  Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist Qualifier Exam 642-978
  Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist Qualifier Exam 642-979
  Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric Solutions Design (DCUFD) 642-991
  Data Center Unified Fabric Solutions Implementation (DCUFI) 642-992
  Data Center Unified Computing Systems Design (DCUCD) 642-993
  Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Systems Implementation (DCUCI) 642-994
  Unified Computing Troubleshoot 642-995
  Mobile Internet Technology for Account Managers 650-032
  Mobile Internet Technology for Field Engineers 650-042
  Mobile Internet Technology for System Engineers 650-082
  SAE Substation Automation for Engineers 650-125
  SAAM Substation Automation for Account Managers 650-126
  Cisco Connected Grid (Engineer) Knowledge Verification 650-127
  Cisco Unity Connection for Business Edition 650-261
  C-Series Servers for Account Manager 650-281
  C-Series Servers for Engineer 650-286
  TelePresence Video Sales Engineer for Express Exam 650-293
  TelePresence Video Field Engineer for Express Exam 650-294
  TelePresence Video Sales Specialist Exam 650-295
  TelePresence Video Sales Engineer 650-296
  TelePresence Video Field Engineer 650-297
  TelePresence Video Sales Specialist Exam 650-298
  TelePresence Video Sales Specialist Exam 650-299
  SP Video Phase I - Media Satellite and Broadcast 650-312
  SP Video Phase II - Media Satellite and Broadcast 650-316
  SP Video Phase II Cable Access 650-325
  SP Video Phase II Cable Headend and Hub 650-328
  SP Video Phase II Wireline 650-331
  Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Sales Specialist 650-987
  Implementing Cisco TelePresence Video Networking Solutions (ITVNS) 642-270
  Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies using IOS XR 644-906

Other Cisco Certification Tracks

  Access Routing and LAN Switching (ARLS)
  Advanced IP Communications Sales Specialist (ACSS)
  Advanced Routing and Switching Field Specialist (ARSFS)
  Advanced Routing and Switching Sales Specialist (ARSFS)
  Advanced Routing and Switching Solutions Specialist (ARSSS)
  Advanced Wireless LAN Design Specialist (AWLANSE)
  Advanced Wireless LAN Field Specialist (AWLANFS)
  Advanced Wireless LAN Sales Specialist (AWLANFS)
  APE for Validating Knowledge (APE)
  Cisco Architecture (Architecture)
  Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)
  Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE)
  Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)
  Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
  Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
  Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Data Center (CCIE DC)
  Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security (CCIE Security)
  Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Service (CCIE Service)
  Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Service Provider Operation (CCIE SPO)
  Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Strong Networking (CCIE SN)
  Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Voice (CCIE Voice)
  Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Wireless (CCIE Wireless)
  Cisco Certified Internetwork Processional (CCIP)
  Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security)
  Cisco Certified Network Associate Service Provider Operations (CCNA SPO)
  Cisco Certified Network Associate SP (CCNA SP)
  Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice (CCNA Voice)
  Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless (CCNA Wireless)
  Cisco Certified Network Processional (CCNP)
  Cisco Certified Network Processional Security (CCNP Security)
  Cisco Certified Network Processional Service Provider Operations (CCNP SPO)
  Cisco Certified Network Processional SP (CCNP SP)
  Cisco Certified Network Processional Voice (CCNP Voice)
  Cisco Certified Network Processional Wireless (CCNP Wireless)
  Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP)
  Cisco Certified Systems Engineer (CSE)
  Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP)
  Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers (CXFF)
  Cisco IronPort Certified Security Professional (CICSP)
  Cisco Security Solutions and Design Specialist (SSSE)
  Cisco Specialist (Cisco Specialist)
  Connected Grid (CG)
  Content Networking (CN)
  Data Center Application Services (DCAS)
  Data Center Application Services Design Specialist (DCASDS)
  Data Center Networking Infrastructure Design Specialist (DCNIDS)
  Data Center Networking Infrastructure Support Specialist (DCNISS)
  Data Center Networking Sales Specialist (DCNSS)
  Data Center Storage Networking Design Specialist (DCSNDS)
  Data Center Storage Networking Support Specialist (DCSNSS)
  Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist (DCUCDS)
  Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist (DCUCSS)
  Express Foundation Design Specialist (FDS)
  Express Foundation Field Specialist (FFS)
  Express Foundation Sales Specialist (FSS)
  Field Technician (CFT)
  Firewall Security Specialist (FSS)
  Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND)
  Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices 1 (ICND 1)
  Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices 2 (ICND 2)
  IOS Security Specialist (IOSSS)
  IP Communications (IPC)
  IP Communications Express Sales Specialist (IPCESS)
  IP Communications Express Specialist (IPCES)
  IP Communications Support Specialist (IPCSS)
  IP Contact Center Express Specialist (IPCCES)
  IP Telephony Design Specialist (IPTDS)
  IronPoint (IronPoint)
  IT Certification and Career (ITCC)
  Network Admission Control Specialist (NACS)
  Proctored Exams for Validating Knowledge (CVK)
  Rich Media Communications Specialist (RMCS)
  Sales Expert (CSE)
  Security Sales Specialist (CSSS)
  Service Provider Video (SP Video)
  Small Medium Business (SMB)
  Small Medium Business Engineer (SMBE)
  Storage Networking (CSN)
  TelePresence Solutions Specialist (TSS)
  Unified Presence Specialist (CUPS)
  Unity Design Specialist (CUDS)
  Unity Support Specialist (USS)
  VPN and Security (VPNS)
  VPN Security Specialist (VPNSS)
  VPN Security Specialist (VPNSS)
  Web Security Field Engineer Specialist (WSFES)
  Wide Area Application Services for System Engineers (WAASSE)
  Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Cisco Specialist Certification Tests

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